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Rokka no Yuusha (6)

1 Name: Isamu !pIYEypQghU : 2015-08-24 17:06 ID:c6NptiSn (Image: 640x360 jpg, 86 kb) [Del]

src/1440453971900.jpg: 640x360, 86 kb
Legend says, when the Majin awakens from the deepest of darkness, the goddess of fate will summon Six Braves and grant them with the power to save the world. Adlet, who proclaims himself to be the strongest man in the world, is chosen as one of the “Braves of the Six Flowers,” and sets out to prevent the resurrection of the Majin with his fellow Braves. However, Seven Braves gather at the rendezvous...

The Seven Braves notice there must be an enemy among themselves. As suspicion spreads throughout the group, Adlet is the first suspected to be the Seventh Brave.

Thus begins an overwhelming fantasy adventure that brings upon mystery after mystery!

4 Name: Yatahaze !E/8OvwUzpY : 2015-08-25 13:29 ID:w64qnnEE [Del]

The middle is actually really great. The mystery aspects are the focus and fun and so far it's not retconning anything it presented (one of my big worries). The fanservice goes away by the time all 7 show up at the temple. But yeah, the start is slow and longwinded and I'm worried about where it will end with only 4 episodes remaining.

Obviously still not a highlight of the season for me, but when it's good, it's pretty great. More in-depth analysis will be on my portion of the FGJ article we'll publish later this week.

5 Name: Izachi : 2015-08-25 16:30 ID:tSbHnncQ [Del]

Rokka no Yuusha is awesome !

6 Name: Isamu !pIYEypQghU : 2015-08-27 16:02 ID:c6NptiSn [Del]

>>4 It's been announced that season one will end with the seventh being revealed. I think that's a good place to stop tbh because it leaves plenty of room for season two's journey to the Majin.

>>3 Sorry you feel that way but there isn't as much fan service as you'd think. It follows the light novel very closely which is great.

Overall I think the story progression is paced very well. If it were any faster we would miss out on too many details and it would consist of mostly fights rather than the mysteries. The combination of the two is the reason why Rokka no Yuusha's story is so good.

Durarara!! (DRRR!!) (460)

1 Name: bang✫bang : 2014-11-09 05:50 ID:lvjHUcRw (Image: 500x711 png, 458 kb) [Del]

src/1415533829041.png: 500x711, 458 kb
Ryūgamine Mikado is a boy who longs for the exciting life of the big city. At the invitation of his childhood friend Masaomi, he transfers to a school in Ikebukuro. Masaomi has warned him about people he doesn't want to cross in the city: a champion fighter, an informant, and a mysterious gang called "Dollars." Nervous from Masaomi's stories, Mikado witnesses an urban legend on his first day in the city, the Headless Rider astride a black motorcycle.

From then on, the existence of supernatural cases and a gang called the Yellow Scarves will rise to the surface, and Ikebukuro will pushed to the breaking point.

Ah yes the show this website was inspired from! Durarara!! is an anime adaptation of the novel by the same name by Ryohgo Narita (also author of Baccano!). Its first season was 24 episodes long and first aired in 2010.

Its second season, Durarara!!x2, will be split into three cours. The first one titled "Shou" is scheduled for January 2015, the second one "Ten" is scheduled for July 2015 and the third "Ketsu" for January 2015 (see the kishoutenketsu narrative structure).

Please use this thread for all your DRRR!! needs and avoid making duplicates. If you wanna talk about the novel/manga check out this thread. Thank you!

458 Name: Annei : 2015-08-26 13:56 ID:eJbKo4Ur [Del]

I just finished the first Season too an I'm really new to this page.
I do love the whole story, the characters and everything about Drrr!!
So soon I'll watch the second season. Would you guys recommend it? :)

459 Name: Anonymous : 2015-08-27 00:36 ID:I1cFqEaI [Del]

As one who watched the first season around the time it aired and really loved it, I'm personally not liking the second season as much. It might have to do with the fact that I could marathon the first season while I have to watch the second ep by ep? I've been holding off on catching up, is that a good idea?

460 Name: SeSu : 2015-08-27 11:51 ID:xTiUX9BT [Del]

Yes, that's a good idea because I been doing the same thing for a while so I can catch up with more ep's.

Top 10 favorite characters (527)

1 Name: Okamiren : 2012-04-11 16:53 ID:+DAjlSCx (Image: 864x480 jpg, 87 kb) [Del]

src/1334181213723.jpg: 864x480, 87 kb
I didn't see a thread for this so i decided to make one. ^^
List your top 10 favorite characters. They can be from any show that you like. I was gonna make it top five but with ten its more fun. And if you Don't have ten just list as many as you have. And if you can, post a picture of your all time. favorite XD. And why not add reasons why your number one character is number one? ^^

1. Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!) <3 <3
Shizuo is the very definition of awesome. I like him because hes so tough and yet he just wants to have friends. Hes an amazing character with a unique personality and hes badass XD. Plus I know how he feels being feared and rejected so I can connect with how he feels. Love ya Shizuo! <3
2. Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!)
3.Viral (Gurren Lagann)
4.Leite Jokin (Gurren Lagann)
5. Kasuka Heiwajima (Durarara!!)
6. Mikado Ryuugamine (Durarara!!)
7. Falkner (Pokemon)
Post too long. Click to view the thread page to see the entire post.

525 Name: rahmat : 2015-08-27 01:29 ID:rFV3o/3x [Del]

maksudnya apa ini ?

526 Name: MacTire : 2015-08-27 09:05 ID:dhcOFy3p [Del]

I would have to put mine no particular order:
1. Alexsander Anderson (Hellsing Ultimate)
2. Edward (Cowboy Bebop)
3. Maka (Soul Eater)
4. Shanks (One Piece)
5. Levi (Attack on Titan)
6. Bardock (Dragon Ball Z)
7. Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!)
8. Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood)
9. Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
10. Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star)

527 Name: kia : 2015-08-27 10:42 ID:8NVqLri/ [Del]

heiwajima shizuo
nishinoya yuu (haikyuu!)
nishio nishiki (tokyo ghoul)
takane enomoto (mekaku city actors)
kida masaomi
hanji zoe (shingeki no kyojin)
japan (hetalia)
izaya orihara
kamiki izumo (ao no exorcist)
kotoishi naru (barakamon)

I wanna be like naru XD

Official Mekakucity Actors thread. (214)

1 Name: Haru. !4Wf3m.ar1o : 2014-04-06 22:42 ID:/AYF+Jw5 (Image: 812x380 png, 174 kb) [Del]

src/1396842166181.png: 812x380, 174 kb
I've seen a lot of junk threads for this, so I felt the need to do a proper piece of work.

Mekakucity Actors is a anime airing during the Spring 2014 season, produced by none other than SHAFT. It's based on the popular Kagerou Project series of Vocaloid songs produced by Jin (aka Shizen no Teki-P) and became popular with the song "Kagerou Days." Kagerou Project is known for its catchy songs and the theories surrounding the overarching plot.

Mekakucity Actors follows a group of teenagers called the Mekakushi Dan, most of whom possess strange eye abilities as they go about figuring out the mysteries behind their abilities and how they acquired them. I left this intentionally vague, as not to spoil anything for any prospective viewers here.

The plot all starts around Shintaro, a reclusive computer-addicted NEET who is forced to venture to the outside world after his PC crashes due the meddling of a cyber girl by the name of Ene. He ends up running into the Dan, and then the fun starts.

Because this show is based off of a series of songs, you can probably expect the soundtrack to be top-tier. And with SHAFT behind the animation, it should be a gorgeous thing to watch, too. If you're interested, give it a shot!
Post too long. Click to view the thread page to see the entire post.

212 Name: Siren !SzqYl/82/w : 2015-08-26 16:37 ID:LDj/IiaJ [Del]

Started this today, I'm at episode 9. I love the art house style, and everything else about it. Going to finish it tonight probably, it is fantastic.
I'm not reading this thread in case spoilers, but I'll be back later with a mini-review!

213 Name: Yuno Gasai : 2015-08-27 01:02 ID:hj73wllx [Del]

BITCH the Manga is ten times better
Anime is crap

214 Name: sherry : 2015-08-27 06:39 ID:i/t4xTXu [Del]

i like it so much *-*

Avatar the Last Airbender (77)

1 Name: *insertnamehere*!!mhJDjCwh : 2011-12-30 20:23 ID:XOMFQhEG (Image: 480x486 gif, 54 kb) [Del]

src/1325298193984.gif: 480x486, 54 kb
I've waited... 13 days, since the board renaming for this thread to pop up. It didn't happen. Well... Time to make it happen. Here's the Avatar thread, yo!

Avatar: The Last Airbender is an American animated television series that aired for three seasons on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008. The series was created and produced by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, who served as executive producers along with Aaron Ehasz. Avatar is set in an Asian-influenced world wherein some are able to manipulate the classical elements by use of psychokinetic variants of Chinese martial arts known as "bending." The show combined the styles of anime and American cartoons, and relied for imagery upon various East-Asian, Inuit, and South-American societies, with a brief reference to the Indic.

The series follows the adventures of protagonist Aang and his friends, who must save the world from the evil Fire Lord by ending his war against the neighbor nations. The pilot episode first aired on February 21, 2005 and the series concluded with a widely praised two-hour episode on July 19, 2008.

Avatar: The Last Airbender was popular with both audiences and critics, garnering 5.6 million viewers on its best-rated showing and receiving high ratings in the Nicktoons lineup, even outside its 6–11-year-old demographic. Avatar: The Last Airbender has been nominated for and won awards from the Annual Annie Awards, the Genesis Awards, the primetime Emmy awards and a Peabody Award among others. The first season's success prompted Nickelodeon to order second and third seasons. In other media, the series has spawned a live-action film, titled The Last Airbender, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, scaled action figures, a trading card game, three video games based on the first, second, and third seasons, stuffed animals distributed by Paramount Parks, and two LEGO sets. An art book was also released in mid-2010. Furthermore, the president of Nickelodeon announced on July 21, 2010 that a sequel called The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra will premiere in 2012.

75 Name: Jilva : 2015-08-25 01:49 ID:HaikqtQU [Del]

There is a chance that the last airbender 2 will come out because even though the first one sucked it earned tons of money and got a lot of attention because it was so bad. Well noone is gonna watch it anyway:))

76 Name: Iarrthoir : 2015-08-26 08:43 ID:HPZKXar1 [Del]

I heard that there's going to be a Legend of Korra comic.

77 Name: Siren !SzqYl/82/w : 2015-08-26 16:35 ID:LDj/IiaJ [Del]

Sort of related:
They just announced a Korra blu ray collection, if nothing else it looked AMAZING in HD, so it's a good buy for any big fans. Not seen the design yet, I hope it's detailed and not just a typical cardboard flimsy box set.

Owari no Seraph (4, permasaged)

1 Name: Xander : 2015-08-26 14:10 ID:zC9j+NdS (Image: 200x260 jpg, 18 kb) [Del]

src/1440616234450.jpg: 200x260, 18 kb
One day, a mysterious virus appeared on Earth which killed every infected human over the age of 13. At the same time, vampires emerged from the world's dark recesses and enslaved mankind. Enter Hyakuya Yuuichirou, a young boy, who along with the rest of the children from his orphanage, are treated as livestock by the vampires. Even in captivity, Yuuichirou dreams big. He dreams of killing vampires. He dreams of killing them all.

That was the basic synopsis my own revised synopsis is, its like aspects from Shingeki no Kyojin, Ao No Exorcist, and World Trigger were all thrown together plus vampires.

Sorry I'm not very good at explaining things but its really awesome and you should watch it and also the other shows I mentioned in my revised synopsis because I loved them all and I hope you do to.

2 Name: Yatahaze !E/8OvwUzpY : 2015-08-26 14:59 ID:w64qnnEE [Del]

We already have a Seraph thread. Please post there instead and check View All Threads before creating a new thread next time to help us avoid duplicates.

3 Name: Kaisuke : 2015-08-26 15:18 ID:VTB21RNn [Del]

>>1 OP as >>2 has said we already have a thread for this, next time use the view all threads button on the top right and scroll down the list of threads if a specific thread is not in/on the main panel area, as we have a thread for just about every new and old anime and cartoon.

"if" you can not find a thread for the anime or cartoon feel free to make a thread for it.


4 Name: Xander : 2015-08-26 15:29 ID:zC9j+NdS [Del]

Sorry I didn't see one but thanks for the warning!

Favorite Character in DRRR!! (9)

1 Name: RIN : 2015-08-25 03:48 ID:UVF39/bH [Del]

At first, I like Shizu-chan.
He is a good man.
He can be gentle too.
And he is pretty cool.
But now I like Izaya-san desu!
I am curious about what had happened in his past and made he crazy.
Also, I think he is cool too.

Who do you like best?
Tell me please~~

7 Name: Izachi : 2015-08-26 14:03 ID:tSbHnncQ [Del]

Shinra Kishitani
Izaya Orihara,
Shizuo Heiwajima

8 Post deleted by user.

9 Name: Kaisuke : 2015-08-27 11:16 ID:VTB21RNn [Del]

>>1 OP I am wondering why this needed it's own thread as we already have a thread for "Durarara!! (DRRR!!)" for all things to do with "Durarara!! (DRRR!!)" and we have a "Top 10 favorite characters" thread which makes this a redundant thread and could of just easily been added to one of them or both of them on going threads.


Dramatical murder (2)

1 Name: Mizuki : 2015-08-26 07:00 ID:lvVS4rU8 (Image: 640x960 jpg, 236 kb) [Del]

src/1440590441058.jpg: 640x960, 236 kb
This anime is based in the future a young man called Aoba who used to play a cyber game called rhyme but lost his memory in an accident.He then Start's to work in a junk shop but then one day Tae his grandma told Aoba that he had a power called "scrap" and that with this newly found power he can control people's minds with his voice.

2 Name: Iarrthoir : 2015-08-26 08:16 ID:HPZKXar1 [Del]

Sounds interesting; I'll check it out. ^_^

Best anime you have ever seen (7)

1 Name: RedBird101 : 2015-08-24 19:34 ID:Fe8jNzcD [Del]

Hello guys, Im new in this place but I wanted to ask you about the anime you consider the best you´ve ever seen.
I choose FMA brotherhood.

5 Name: Lux : 2015-08-25 08:39 ID:5q3/59mh [Del]

No Game No Life! It impressed me with many things, Along with its art and story.
Recommending it to anyone who hasun't seen it.

6 Name: Bingo : 2015-08-25 10:11 ID:pUTklZGO [Del]

of course FATE STAY NIGHT or FATE ZERO ,it impresses me a lot !maybe you would like it

7 Name: Chosa : 2015-08-26 06:30 ID:bBgdMjjR [Del]

how about Tokyo ghoul?

Arslan Senki (The Heroic Legend of Arslan) (20)

1 Name: Nicelchemist : 2015-03-30 07:53 ID:UeVtj8LV (Image: 1920x1080 jpg, 261 kb) [Del]

src/1427719989619.jpg: 1920x1080, 261 kb
Arslan has two qualities that make it unique among anime fantasy tales. While the world in which it takes place is one where magic obviously exists, said magic is of an extremely limited nature. Until the end of the anime, the only magical happenings involve a few rare occasional spells and a giant, humanoid monster. There are none of the races typically associated with a fantasy realm, such as elves or dwarves. It is, at the core, a war story taking place between human nations. In addition to this, there is an underlying theme of exploring the repercussions of slavery on a society, having an absolute monarch who treats the poor as cattle, and religious obsession.

The story follows the exploits of Arslan, the crown prince of the fictional kingdom of Pars, which is taken over by the neighboring nation of Lusitania after his father, the king Andragoras, falls victim of a treacherous plot led by one of his most trusted retainers. After barely escaping with his life, Arslan rejoins his loyal servant, Daryun. Backed up by only a few more companions, including the philosopher/swordsman/tactician Narsus and his young servant Elam, Falangies, an aloof, cold priestess and Gieve, a travelling musician and con-man, Arslan must stand against overwhelming odds to assemble an army strong enough to liberate his nation from the Lusitanian army which is led by the elusive warrior known as "Silvermask".

18 Name: Yatahaze !E/8OvwUzpY : 2015-06-12 17:16 ID:JeIAmwcp [Del]

Holy cow, for once me and Mag agree on something.

Dropped this 2 or 3 weeks ago. Wasn't even particularly bad, just...dull. And like you said, predictable. Sucks, cause the plot isn't poor by default, there's little if any memorable fanservice, and the political aspects had the potential to be interesting.

But I guess that sums up the show as a whole; potentially interesting, but ruined through lifeless, see-through execution.

While I'm not a huge fan, for at least a more fun and smooth story with a similar setting and feel, see Magi.

19 Name: Magnolia : 2015-06-12 19:34 ID:PqH6ujj7 [Del]

>>18 God knows I've been trying to start watching that (and it even made me laugh), but it's just not the kind of anime that's makes me glued to it, ya know? I'll put that on the list of near endless animes I need to watch, but it'll be somewhere near Space Dandy.

20 Name: Kaisuke : 2015-08-26 01:22 ID:VTB21RNn [Del]

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