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1 Name: IZU : 2011-06-28 09:35 ID:jnwia6DO (Image: 960x720 jpg, 88 kb) [Del]

src/1309271706173.jpg: 960x720, 88 kb
Moshi~moshi~...Izu here.
Am a freak specially about touching anime story...but not generally romantic. So just wanna know whad is your 5 most touching anime list here, coz am wanna do some research for my comic development. Onegaishimas~^^

My list:
1. CLANNAD - After Story (5/5)
2. AIR TV (5/5)
3. Toradora (4/5)
4. NaNa (4/5)
5. K-ON S2 (3/5)

249 Name: Fray !W1Nq.7lGn2 : 2015-04-27 18:22 ID:wczrTw20 [Del]

>>248 Gotta say, GC could've been better, but that ending man... that was heavy stuff. Like, talk about adding insult to injury.

Oh and my list:
1. Angel Beats
2. Anohana
3. Toradora
4. Little Busters!
5. Spice and Wolf

250 Name: Ozymandias !UBoxViU2rM : 2015-04-27 23:52 ID:z17q0cAx [Del]

Haven't seen Saikano here yet. For shame, you people, for shame.

251 Name: Ayukine : 2015-04-28 03:23 ID:AoYg93vD [Del]

Nothing tops durarara but corpse party is my second fave

Shizaya (2)

1 Name: Ayukine : 2015-04-28 03:20 ID:AoYg93vD (Image: 236x363 jpg, 16 kb) [Del]

src/1430209208660.jpg: 236x363, 16 kb
Okay does anyone else think this part from season 2 sounds dirty?

2 Name: [Permasage] JackDenkin !3U.19DFF1s : 2015-04-28 05:12 ID:oncaTQYQ [Del]

Put this in the durarara thread, do not carelessly make a new thread.

Fairy Tail (54)

1 Name: TsunaTuna : 2012-04-02 22:05 ID:FIT49ECI (Image: 250x353 jpg, 35 kb) [Del]

src/1333422323259.jpg: 250x353, 35 kb
A young celestial mage, Lucy Heartfilia, runs away from home and travels to the land of Fiore to join the magical Fairy Tail Guild. Along the way, she meets Natsu Dragneel, a teenage boy looking for his foster parent, a dragon named Igneel, with his best friend, Happy the cat. Shortly after their meeting, Lucy is abducted by Bora of Prominence, who was posing as Salamander of Fairy Tail, to be sold as a slave. Natsu rescues her and reveals that he is the real Salamander of fairy tail and has the skills of a Dragon Slayer, an ancient fire magic. He offers her membership into the guild, which she gladly accepts, they along with Erza Scarlet -Armored maiden, Gray Fullbuster -Ice Maker, and Happy become a team performing various missions offered to the Fairy Tail guild.

This anime is quite interesting. It is not a complete anime but I'm sure you'll enjoy the anime. It currently has 277 chapters and 124 episodes.

52 Name: [Lol] JackDenkin !3U.19DFF1s : 2015-04-26 20:20 ID:ILfsMuXJ [Del]

>>51 like one piece, naruto or bleach.
But at least try 5 or so episodes.

53 Name: Saku-Dollar !Oa6YiUcK0c : 2015-04-26 20:32 ID:UgxsEh2q [Del]

Hmm. I really like this anime, but if you're looking for a good plot/story line, this is just really repetitive.

54 Name: Shadow!cPUZU5OGFs : 2015-04-28 02:30 ID:l28RkEs3 [Del]

there are a lot of episodes but the majority of them are awsome

noragami 2(?) (3)

1 Name: Neko_girl : 2015-04-27 14:18 ID:YRXfvvGe [Del]

Anyone knows if there will be noragami 2? And when? It's my favourite anime♡

2 Name: ISCB : 2015-04-27 15:59 ID:AqJAwD2R [Del]

Yes, there will be, i don't know when exactly but...

3 Name: Neko_girl : 2015-04-28 01:29 ID:cd57OO/S [Del]

Arigatou gozaimas :3

Hunter X Hunter (26)

1 Name: Mael !DoMiNUIT9I : 2011-12-11 11:57 ID:Ny17cmru (Image: 1274x892 jpg, 155 kb) [Del]

src/1323626263654.jpg: 1274x892, 155 kb
A Hunter is one who travels the world doing all sorts of dangerous tasks. From capturing criminals to searching deep within uncharted lands for any lost treasures. Gon is a young boy whose father disappeared long ago, being a Hunter. He believes if he could also follow his father's path, he could one day reunite with him.
After becoming 12, Gon leaves his home and takes on the task of entering the Hunter exam, notorious for its low success rate and high probability of death to become an official Hunter. He befriends the revenge-driven Kurapica, the doctor-to-be Leorio and the rebellious ex-assassin Killua in the exam, with their friendship prevailing throughout the many trials and threats they come upon taking on the dangerous career of a Hunter.

THIS, is in my opinion, one of the best anime of all time. Hunter x Hunter is your typical Shounen, Action, Adventure anime with the usual plot-devices but with a pretty unique concept of “hunting”. This series may not adrenaline filled action sequences but it is still highly enjoyable, with plenty of tension.
HxH start of about skilled individuals trying to become professional hunters for their own individual reasons. The story follows a young boy (Gon Freaks) on his quest to become hunter, in order to find his hunter dad. The beginning is just about candidates undergoing treacherous tasks and challenges, whilst forming bonds during the long hunter exam. Some, including me, may be bored by the lackluster beginning but sometime into the hunter exam arc the series picks up and become very interesting and captivating to watch. The following arcs manage to up the level, bringing so much to the unique story but it’s a shame that it never finishes within the TV series. Thankfully, a remake is currently airing, and from what I've seen, it seems like they are pulling a 'Dragonball Z Kai', in the sense that they are cutting all the unnecessary filler, and sticking to the important plot points. So far its excellent, I just hope that it goes even further than the original did. I would love that so much. In any case, give this anime a shot, its old school but has some of the best fight scenes I've ever seen. If you don't like the old school animation, you could always watch the remake, its up to episode 11 now. Give it a go!

24 Name: Magnolia!2ipznOcc5g : 2015-04-01 15:36 ID:J7UwohtB [Del]

Both discussions of the 90s & 2013 Hunter x Hunter are done on here. So I don't understand why Psyco Pass needs two threads.

25 Name: Kaisuke : 2015-04-26 03:51 ID:KTUB+YPP [Del]

bump :D

26 Name: anime4life : 2015-04-28 00:49 ID:EG627tA8 [Del]

im watching that one at the moment and I love it

Mysterious Girlfriend X (7)

1 Name: Sejin !PKt//nzxc2 : 2013-07-20 21:48 ID:OgXx3fSg (Image: 950x1075 jpg, 213 kb) [Del]

src/1374374927641.jpg: 950x1075, 213 kb
This story is about the relationship between Mikoto Urabe (the titular mysterious girlfriend) and Akira Tsubaki. To give a basic, introductory plot summary (and trying not to spoil anything too important), Urabe is a new transfer student in Tsubaki's class. At first, because of her anti-social nature, Urabe is pretty much left alone by everyone in the class. But, one day, Tsubaki finds her sleeping in the classroom after school. He wakes her up and she leaves, but she drooled on the desk in her sleep. For whatever reason, he decides to taste it. As it turns out, he becomes addicted to it. Thus starts their relationship.

Now, I know the idea of being addicted to saliva may turn some people off, but I really like how the anime handles it, using it as a medium to convey emotions. In real life, it's impossible to genuinely experience someone else's feelings. You can get close, but you can never quite reach the point where it's the exact same thing the other person is experiencing. Also, sometimes it's difficult to express one's own feelings clearly using words.

The voice acting is very well done in English (I can't speak for the Japanese cast, seeing as I haven't watched it with the Japanese dub). In particular, I really liked Urabe's voice actress. The characters aren't the typical stereotypes that you find in a lot of high school rom-com anime. They feel like characters.

I'm really having to hold back in writing this, as I don't want to spoil anything if I can help it. That's kind of hard to do, though, seeing as that wouldn't allow me to say much at all and could leave this anime sounding really gross to people. I only said what I did about the saliva in the hopes that reading that would help people get over knee-jerk reactions to the idea and maybe be more likely to give Mysterious Girlfriend X a chance. Honestly, I think you should watch at least the first few episodes before deciding whether or not to keep watching.
Post too long. Click to view the thread page to see the entire post.

5 Name: Sejin !PKt//nzxc2 : 2013-07-21 14:41 ID:OgXx3fSg [Del]

>>4 Hahaha yes, that's very true, especially depending on which three minutes you saw. That's why, in my initial post, I said that I think people who are willing to give this anime a shot in the first place should watch at least the first few episodes before they decide whether or not to keep watching.

6 Name: Neige !h45CN3bvL2 : 2015-01-28 21:06 ID:sZe3QRtv [Del]

Shameful bump.

It's an anime about saliva, but for some reason I'm enjoying it. You know, aside from being horribly grossed out about 80% of the time.

Please, tell me somebody else liked it too.


7 Name: DarkFlameMaster : 2015-04-27 20:54 ID:ixFPKXbb [Del]

I just finished today. Sweet ending, but couldn't stand ep 10 and 11. Besides that, this is basically my deep dark fetish...

New Anime!! Owari no Seraph (2)

1 Name: Alpha : 2015-04-27 20:30 ID:Ee72qwSg [Del]

Recently this month i believe a new anime has started called Owari no Seraph ( which means in English Seraph of the end, i think). the plot is a years ago, a virus spreads across the world killing humanity and allowing "vampire" race to enslave the human race and use humans as a food source. From there, Yūichirō Hyakuya a survivor from the Vampire "base" wants revenge... thats it with out spoiling it to much XD.

In general its a great anime and i suggest watching it...

2 Name: Kaisuke : 2015-04-28 00:38 ID:xJPhXse3 [Del]

>>1 Op we already have a thread for this, next time use the view all threads button on the top right and scroll down the list of threads.

link copy and past -


Bleach (1)

1 Name: Unkonown : 2015-04-27 15:01 ID:x0JmphWe [Del]

FLCL (110)

1 Name: Radetz : 2011-09-03 15:53 ID:dX6mn7SJ (Image: 1024x768 jpg, 213 kb) [Del]

src/1315083237429.jpg: 1024x768, 213 kb
I think FLCL was an amazing anime, the first time I watched it, I was literally blown away, and i knew that it would change my life, and it did... Although, there wasn't much to the series, and it could have been longer or they could have at least made a second season. I still love the hell out of it.

Support this xDD

If you think there should be a second season, then let everyone know!! :D

108 Name: Tartcookies !hTBJYkBRy6 : 2015-04-26 11:20 ID:0hVtiF14 [Del]

I think this was the anime that finally pushed me to draw in an anime art style, and I have fond memories watching this. One of my favorite parts of this anime was the soundtrack.

109 Name: kuro yuuki : 2015-04-26 11:24 ID:qvGDK/QV [Del]

fukin love flcl. EARLOBE!!!!!

110 Post deleted by user.

Show by Rock!! (2)

1 Name: Plasmagica : 2015-04-27 06:41 ID:uqFFjTcC (Image: 600x350 jpg, 72 kb) [Del]

src/1430134872043.jpg: 600x350, 72 kb
To those who likes Cuties, Music, Instruments & 3D characters (w/hot boys), I recommend you to watch this~

This is a new anime that has 3 episodes but still ongoing.

This anime is turns into 3D when they transform.

Cyan Hijirikawa is a first-year high school student who has a good passion for music. However, she is very shy and doesn't have the courage to join the school's music club. But on one fateful night, she gets sucked into the rhythm game she had been playing on her smartphone after receiving an item called "Strawberry Heart". Cyan ends up in a new world called Tokyo Midi city, a place where those who command music controls everything. There, she sees a concert performed by a chibified kemono band called Trichronika and realizes she had taken on the form of a white cat girl dressed in Gothic Lolita. However, when a "dark monster" starts to attack the concert and begins to corrupt the Melodisian stones of the Trichronika members, Strawberry Heart materializes in Cyan's hands and tells her to play something with it to defeat the monster. As she saves the band from turning into dark monsters themselves, she returns to her human form. She is then approached by Maple Arisugawa, the CEO of Banded Rocking Records to join his recording agency. She meets ChuChu, Retoree, and Moa, the vocalist, bassist, and drummer of Plasmagica, one of Banded Rocking Record's bands. Retoree asks Cyan to join, and she accepts. Together, they all tackle and perform together in the music scene, aiming to be the best music band of all Midi City, discovering the secrets surrounding the Legendary Instruments and importantly for Cyan, to find a way to get back to her own world.

2 Name: Plasmagica : 2015-04-27 06:43 ID:uqFFjTcC (Image: 675x395 jpg, 194 kb) [Del]

src/1430135028514.jpg: 675x395, 194 kb
This is the animated-3D version of the characters.
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